Vampire World Map Blood Splatter Header Amanda Cibulka

A World Map of Vampires

I’ve been wanting to write about vampires since I started this blog, but — there are so many vampires.

So. Many. Vampires. And I hate to leave any out.

So I made an interactive map marking vampire legends and beliefs around the world (mostly using this list for reference).

I did my best with pin placements. Some are placed randomly within a country because they apply to the whole thing, while others indicate a more specific region or even a single location. Each marker includes the area it applies to in parentheses, so you can tell whether it’s for a whole country or a particular place.

Click on a pin to see the creature/legend it marks, with a link to more information.

Update: This map now includes many other creatures besides vampires. But you can toggle the view to see just the vampiric creatures (indicated by red markers) by clicking on the little box-and-arrow-looking icon in the top left corner of the map and unchecking all but the Vampires and Revenants checkbox in the side menu that pops out.


Stubborn Bloodstains and Magic Cats (Murderous Suitors, Part 2)

If we learn anything from tales like “Bluebeard” and “How the Devil Married Three Sisters,” it’s that the real crime is not disobedience or even murder–it’s lack of caution. After all, the only reason anyone in those stories got caught–both the women and their homicidal husbands–wasn’t stellar detective work, but their own carelessness in tracking blood around or giving people access to their murder-room.