Herbert Cole for "Mr. Fox" in Rhys, Ernest, "Fairy Gold: A Book of Old English Fairy Tales"

A Tale Too Long Untold

In the process of writing the last few posts, I find my mind returning again and again to “The Story of Mr. Fox” and “The Sweetheart in the Wood,” unconsciously conflating some details, and wondering: What made her take that severed hand, when she herself was in mortal danger? What was it like, to walk home alone through the forest carrying that lump of flesh? Where was it kept between then and the dinner party? And this is what came of those wonderings.

Where are the Badass Women? – In Search of Less Depressing Fairy Tale Heroines

I hate to knock the less showy forms of strength and bravery–of course there is bravery in patience and endurance in the face of hardship.

But it gets damned depressing to read about that brand of bravery. You start to want the heroine to do something. To draw blood, to speak up, to take the initiative, to take something for herself.

You start to wonder:

Where are the Badass Women?