Map: Mythical Creatures Around the World

I’m making a Google map marking the geographical location different legends and beliefs about various mythical creatures, with a link included for each marker. The lists are by no means comprehensive, but are mostly drawn from Wikipedia as a starting point. Please let me know if you have any additions/suggestions/corrections. Any advice for how I should group/organize creatures would be much appreciated.

So far, mapped creatures include (categories may change):

Animals with supernatural attributes
Human-animal hybrids/humanoid creatures
Merpeople/humanoid water spirits
Shapeshifters (Human-Animal/Animal-Human)
Spirits (humanoid/animal)
⬤ Spirits/demons (non-human/non-animal)
⬤ Mythical animals (unicorns, dragons, chimeras, etc.)

(Expanded view recommended)

↓ Click to expand menu, click check-boxes to show/hide categories


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