You are probably wondering

  1. What is this blog about?  and/or
  2. What kind of person created it?

So I’ll tell you.

What is this blog about?

Intricate Cantrips is born of and fueled by my fascination with folklore, fairy tales, myths, superstitions, and related traditions, which dovetails neatly with a love of literature and the macabre.* Posts typically appear thrice weekly and cover whatever tale or piece of lore has caught my interest, with some historical context, modern interpretations, and connections to science, psychology, art, linguistics–whatever sparks my interest. And, yes, there will be pictures, drawn from the wonderful proliferation of vintage and contemporary fairy tale illustrations (and, time and talent permitting, some art of my own).

*Full disclosure: This blog is an assignment for my Advanced Writing for New Media class. But that has nothing to do with my interest in and enthusiasm for this topic.

Who am I?


I’m Amanda, pictured above in my biohazard of a bedroom. I’ve been a book addict since kindergarten, though I’ve mostly replaced books with podcasts* since I entered college, started working, and got an iPhone. When I do read, I still enjoy the fantasy and science fiction I grew up on, but I’ll give almost anything a try, especially if it’s experimental or bizarre. You can see some literary debris piled on my desk behind me.

But what might help you, as a reader, decide whether you’ll like my stuff? For starters, here’s a partial list of interests that might influence the main topics of my posts: medicine, disease, linguistics, world literature, plants, animals, psychology, sociology, religion, survivalism, philosophy, true crime, folk music, memory, the surreal, art, all things macabre…areas I have studied in school and/or on my own.

I’m not an expert. An amateur at best. However, I did spend a year or two in high school/college completely obsessed with folklore, fairy tales, and supernatural creatures, meaning that when I wasn’t reading other stuff or doing homework, I was obsessively collecting tales and variants and amassing hundreds of found illustrations on Pinterest. Expert or no, I can guarantee that each post is the product of a frankly excessive amount of research.

I’m going to have lots of fun exploring this twisted, exquisite labyrinth, and I invite you to follow.

*Current favorites: MBMBAM, Sawbones, Last Podcast on the Left, My Favorite Murder, Cracked Podcast, The Memory Palace, and Welcome to Nightvale.


What do you think?

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