Update: Book Haul and World Map of Mythical Creatures

I don’t have a proper post today, but I wanted to share a couple blog-related things: some great books I bought recently, and an ongoing map of the world’s mythical creatures, cryptids, and assorted supernatural beings.

Book Haul: 2 New Treasures and 1 Mystery

Thanks to this blog, I’ve made three folklore-related book purchases in the last couple weeks. So far, it’s been money well spent, and I’m excited to show off my new treasures. I definitely recommend the first two to anyone interested in folk and fairy tales, and would recommend the third, except 1) I just ordered it and haven’t seen it yet and 2) it’s in Japanese, so I’m not confident of my ability to evaluate it/compare to other texts.

So, here’s what I got:

1. The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales & Fairy Tales

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales & Fairy Tales Donald Haase

A three-volume hardcover set that catalogs all kinds of tales, folklorists, illustrators, and so on.

I learned of its existence while researching swan-maidens, when I came across a little snippet online and immediately knew I wanted these books. To my delight, with Amazon Prime, they cost about $30 total with shipping, and came within a couple days.

2. Folktales of the Amur: Stories from the Russian Far East

Collected by Dmitri Nagishkin, with 103 (!!!) color illustrations by Gennady Pavlishin.

Folktales of the Amur Stories from the Russian Far East Gennady Pavlishin illustration

I’ve been aware of this book for years, ever since an earlier obsession with fairy tale illustration when I came across some illustrations from this book. Apart from the beautiful illustrations, I had also been mostly unable to find the 31 stories collected in this book online, so I don’t know why it took me so long to think of buying a physical copy.

I found it used on Amazon for about $25, and it is in good condition considering it was printed in 1980 — the dust jacket was a little faded, but otherwise it was in great condition. As an added bonus, it arrived right on my birthday.

I think I’ll have to do a gallery of the illustrations — they’re stunning.

3. 決定版 日本妖怪大全 妖怪・あの世・神様 (講談社文庫)

This was another spur-of-the moment buy just yesterday from Amazon Japan. In updating my map of mythical creatures (explained below), I came across a mention of the Hyakki Yagyō for the umpteenth time and decided I wanted a book about that.

Originally, I found this book, which (I think) is a collection of the Hyakki Yagyou illustrations.

But I ended up getting this instead:

My Japanese isn’t great, but the title translates as:”Definitive Edition: Encyclopedia of Japanese Youkai: Youkai – That World – Gods,” and it seems to include lots of illustrations. So, here’s hoping.

It was around $25 in USD, so, a substantial but not crazy amount. I may end up doing a regular/weekly series based on the youkai/etc. in this book.

In Progress: World Map of Mythical Creatures

This started with a map marking the geographical locations of various vampire beliefs/legends around the world. But I decided it would be even better if I kept mapping out all kinds of mythical beings and cryptids, so I gave the map its own page (see top menu). It’s an ongoing project. Right now I mostly have links in the description of each map point, but eventually I want to add a short description to each, and even an image.


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